Monday, August 17, 2009

Day 2

Today I thought of three more goals: finish remodeling/updating my condo, read at least 5 books from the BBC's The Big Read list that I have never read before, and visit and spend at least 3 hours (outside of the car) in 4 states. I guess that's 13. Now I only need 7 more. I want to start this list by the August 19th. That'll give me 5 months to complete everything.
Good news though, I talked to my mom and she said that she and my stepdad will take me camping. They have a 3 room tent. I guess that's a good thing.
Heres the list so far:
1. Lose 20 pounds
2. Finish a half and whole marathon
3. Have a drink at a bar by myself
4. Forgive Alan
5. Go camping
6. Stop using credit cards
7. Go to a wine tasting
8. Apply for, get accepted, and start (depending on the school's start date) a doctoral program
9. Host a dinner party
10. Create an album of my Europe pictures (all 12oo of them)
11. Finish remodeling/updating my condo
12. Read at least 5 books on the BBC's The Big Read that I have never read before
13. Visit and spend at least 3 hours (outside of a car) in at least 4 states.

More to come soon!

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